Drillcut and Jet Tools (DCJ for short) has been the market leader in providing quality products for Jet Grouting and Ground monitoring related industries, including Soil Investigation, Soil Improvement and Fissure Grouting. We are the exclusive distributor for YBM Co. Ltd, boasting a rich history of nearly 70 years of manufacturing machines and tools for civil engineering, construction, mineral exploration. Focusing on light-weight, compact, low-noise and energy saving equipment, meeting the high standards required by governments and environmentalists world-wide.


Our Mission

At Drillcut and Jet Tools, we focus on understanding our customers’ needs and providing the best solution available. By choosing the right equipment and tools, we ensure customers are able to improve efficiency levels and reducing costs. Our motto is not to compromise originality and quality over cost. We value our customers’ feedback, and together, we will brainstorm with them on problem solving and hence a safer, cost efficient working environment.

What We've Achieved

By partnering with some of the world’s best manufacturers, including Asahi Diamond Australia, Technidrill, Petrometalic, Throop Rock Bit and Blue Streak Industries Inc, to name a few, we assist to provide the best mix of high quality tools and equipment for our customers across the Asia region.